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Hoodie Allen - The All American Tour (with Wax)

For those of us lucky enough to live in the Boston area, Wednesday, April 25 meant two things: (1) The Bruins would be playing (and [sadly] eventually losing to) the Capitals at The Garden in Game 7 of the first-round playoff series for the Stanley Cup & (2) Hoodie Allen was performing live at the Royale. While quite aware of both events, I chose to attend the Hoodie Allen concert, partly because tickets to Game 7 would have been ridiculously priced, but also because Hoodie is a great live performer and I was lucky enough to be part of a pre-show Meet & Greet. The downside to this was that Hoodie was actually not able to talk during the Meet & Greet due to a vocal issue (more on that later). Despite that, he was gracious (as always) to meet his fans, take pictures, and sign autographs. 

Getting right into the heart of it, the show was opened by a small act that I, unfortunately, did not get the name of. They did, however, bring a great energy to the crowd. Lasting for about 30 minutes, the rap group prepped the crowd for the main draws of the night, Wax and Hoodie Allen. Taking the stage with an acoustic guitar in hand, Wax quietly walked out and took a seat. This threw me for a bit of a loop because I was under the impression that Wax was strictly a rapper, so this immediate showmanship of musical talent was welcoming. Wax kicked off the night by explaining that his girlfriend recently broke up with him. However, this wasn’t him playing the sympathy card, but rather prepping us for his insanely crude, but uproariously funny song “She Used To Be Mine”. The vibe was very reminiscent of South Beach, Sublime-esque ska. After playing one more song on guitar, Wax moved into his set, putting down the guitar and picking up the microphone, performing songs like ”Rosana” and “Limousine” off his mixtape Eviction Notice. The choice for Wax as the main opener for Hoodie Allen was definitely a good one, as his enthusiasm matches Hoodie’s while maintaining a style all his own. Wax definitely has musical talent backing him up, making me think we’ll be seeing more of him in the near future.  

Once Wax finished his set, Hoodie Allen took the stage with his band. The fact that Hoodie is using a backing band rather than simply playing his beats (something Childish Gambino has also been doing on tour) is a true testament to how much he’s been making his music more original than ever. Kicking off the night with a rock-inspired “Star Spangled Banner”, the band quickly moved into Hoodie songs both old and new. Here’s a quick set list recap:

Star Spangled Banner Intro
Look At What We Started 
Tighten Up 
Song For An Actress 
No Faith in Brooklyn 
Chase is On (with an A Cappella start)
Stronger (Kanye West cover) 
Hoodie also played the piano intro to this
Can’t Hold Me Down 
Freestyle over Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me”
January Jones 
You’re Welcome 
Brain Stew/Freestyle (Greenday cover) in which Hoodie introduced the band
Joy & Misery
White Girl Problems 
Shark In The Water
**Drum Solo**
James Franco
Set Your Soul On Fire
Top of the World
Small Town Girl (Integrated with Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know”)
Eighteen Cool


You Are Not A Robot
No Interruption  

During the show, Hoodie revealed that he recently damaged his vocal chords and was advised by his doctor to cancel the entire All American Tour. However, Hoodie, always dedicated to his fans, has refused to do such a thing. A full explanation of what’s been going on was released by Hoodie the next day in a letter to fans posted on Facebook. While he decided to postpone a few tour dates so he can rest his voice a bit, he has been insistent that canceling the tour is not an option, continuing to show that his dedication to fans is truly unmatched. 

Despite his condition, Hoodie impressed the crowd with a high energy, great sounding performance. I doubt anyone in the crowd would have even suspected his voice was hurting if he hadn’t mentioned it. However, it’s good to hear that he decided to take a few days to rest up so he doesn’t hurt himself further. Hopefully, he will have a speedy recovery so he can continue to do what he does best, make fans happy.

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